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Stay closer to friends and family than ever before with Hisense’s powerful smartphone lineup.
Hisense Infinity Range Smartphones
Infinity H6
Learn More
Infinity H3
Learn More
Infinity Prime 1+
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Infinity Pure 1 Mini
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Hisense Glory Range Smartphones
Glory U939
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Glory U929
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Previous Models
Infinity MAXE X1
Android 4.4 Learn More
Infinity Pro 1
Android 4.3 Learn More
Hisense Pure 1
Android 4.2 Learn More
Hisense Prime 1
Android 4.2 Learn More
Hisense U950
4.5" Display Learn More
Hisense U909
Android 4 Learn More
Hisense U820
3.5" HVGA LCD Learn More
Hisense U1
Android 2.3 Learn More
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