Hisense SA topped both in TV unit share & fridge value share

Hisense SA topped both in TV unit share & fridge value share

The newest data from international authoritative organization showed that Hisense South Africa has achieved great performance in July, 2016, being the first in both white goods and brown goods.

Hisense South Africa’s TV market unit share of July was 23% and has kept the first title. Good things never come alone. Furthermore, Hisense South Africa did a good job as well as on white goods. Fridge market value share of July reached 22.6% which has been a new peak, ranking NO.1.


Hisense South Africa topped in fridge value share. It has also been the first NO.1 fridge value share Hisense achieved in overseas markets. According to January to July statistics in rand, fridge sales value increased 44.6% compared to last year, accomplishing 124.46% of the plan. TOP5 customers’ value share percentage reached 74% and TOP10’s reached 95%. High-end popular model sales units has increased 269%, accomplishing 145% of the plan.

The key focuses of Hisense SA this year are putting emphasis on high quality customers, channels, high-end products. Hisense SA has introduced new ULED models, ice-maker fridge and organized news conferences. Brand awareness has been greatly improved and customers are more confident in Hisense. Furthermore, the whole team cooperates well and strives for the best together.