Hisense SA now No.1 in Fridge Value and Unit Share

Per the data from world leading market research organization, Hisense South Africa has overcome the competitors and for the first time ever become No.1 on unit market share in November since July 2016 it topped in value share, which proves that Hisense is indeed, the No.1 Home Appliance Brand in South Africa. Furthermore, this is also the first double No.1 on both fridge unit and value share among Hisense overseas markets.

According to November sales data from the report, Hisense has achieved 34.6% on unit market share, which is significantly more than the brand in second place by 7.6%; for value market share at 29.1%, leading the market by 9.5% than the brand in second place.img1

The rapid growth of the Hisense fridge unit and value sales is due to the product structure modification and also the customer optimization. In November, Hisense South Africa arranged custom-made promotion with the top customers for the Black Friday Sales. By pushing the hot high- end model sales, Hisense together to guide consumers to buy other high-end products such as French door or frost-free fridges, and taking Game as example, the single model of H670SG sales has reached 2000 units on black Friday only in one day.

Up to November, Hisense South Africa Top 5 fridge customers’ sales reaches 69.4%, increasing by 5.6 points; Top 10 customers’ sales at 95.4%, increasing by 1.3 points. Meanwhile, the Hisense middle to high-end fridges sales proportion is 37.6%, increasing by 25.7%, and the 300L above fridge units sales increased from 28000 in 2015 to 68000 in 2016 by 142.9%.


Besides above, Hisense South Africa TV unit share has been consecutively No.1 for 9 months since March 2016; and till November, Hisense South Africa total sales has exceeded 200 million USD and set up the new sales record. Under the circumstance of the economic downturn of South Africa (GDP increase only 0.5%) and also the shrink of the whole market (It is estimated that TV sale value decreased 6.4% and fridge sales value decreased 3.8%.), Hisense South Africa still can overcome the challenge and the total of sales revenue in rand would be able to increase by 45%.