Hisense Among the Top Three in South African Market Share


According to the latest GFK data, Hisense TVs and refrigerators ranked in the top three in South Africa during September, with 16% of the total LCD TV market share, followed by LG and 14% of the total refrigerator market, after local brands DEFY and KIC. In October, Hisense sales received a big breakthrough as it exceeded $10 million USD, following strong sales in August, in which it also exceeded $10 million USD.

The South African Rand continues to depreciate this year and that brings severe pressure on the development of Hisense. In the first half of 2013, Hisense sales have faced some serious difficulties. In order to change the situation, Hisense focused on the development of the new channels and single-stores with strategically integrated marketing for the brand.

In the second quarter of 2013, Hisense held its new factory opening ceremony in South Africa, which increases the Hisense brand awareness. In September, Hisense released its 84-inch UHD TV together with DHL Global Logistics, and also invited Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille. Not long ago, Hisense showed up in LED screens around the stadium and auditorium. At the same time, Hisense together with the channels were very much involved in the terminal display and promotional activities to promote sales.

According to data collected by the local PR company, Hisense spread its brand and information to nearly 553,108 people through the media in September. Also, its Facebook page now has nearly 8,000 fans, 2,600 of which are active users. Hisense has won the trust of fans by its excellent performance in products, technologies, services, etc.

Through great efforts in ATL and BTL in South Africa, the market share of Hisense 50 to 55-inch LED TVs reached 30%, while 60-inch or larger LED TVs reached over 40% according to GFK data. The great growth benefits its integrated marketing strategy, and the new factory promotes the production efficiency and strengthens its localization strategy. At present, the new factory’s capacity can reach up to 2,000 TVs, which greatly supports our channel relationship with our local partners.

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